The Torres Soto Consulting Group is an entity that has brought together uniquely skilled Latino professionals and entrepreneurs to create a strong marketing program directed at the Latino consumer, the largest and fastest growing consumer group in America for the best return on investment for corporations, businesses, public and private entities and community organizations. We contract with the brightest and most innovative leaders in their respective areas of expertise to deliver to our customers, you, the best program, product or service. We look to fully understand your goals and we implement a strategy that will generate a win for all. The Latino market will have a huge impact on politics, programming, service and consumerism we aim to be a powerful and meaningful force in the advancement of the Latino community.

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  • Latino Marketing

    Latino Marketing

    So you want to penetrate the fastest growing market in America, the Latino Market, TSCG can help!

    What We Do!
  • The Plan

    The Plan

    Whatever your need; business development, marketing, education, social programs or a political campaign we will design a customized plan

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  • The Team

    The Team

    Meet our team of experts

    Meet The Team
  • Why Choose Us

    Why Choose Us

    You want to Work with a Team with Proven Results

    Why Us

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